Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Trident: More than three reasons why we don't need it

I would urge anyone in the UK reading this to sign the Rethink Trident petition.

There is a comment box on the petition where you enter your thoughts on why renewing or replacing Britain's independent nuclear detterent (a.k.a. weapon of mass destruction) is a bad idea. These are mine:
  • It was designed for a war that ended 20 year ago.
  • Human civilisation would be at an end if we ever had to use it.
  • It helps justify Iran's, North Korea's and who-knows-who's own WMD programmes.
  • If we didn't already have one, we wouldn't remotely consider getting one.
  • Too many of our smartest brains, strongest leaders and most skillful sailors are wasted working on it.
  • We can't afford it any more.
  • The world can't afford it any more.
Decommission it now, and don't replace it.