Sunday, 17 July 2011

"Sorry" for decades of manipulation, corruption and depravity

So, Mr Murdoch says sorry.  Well that's alright then, lets just forget it all shall we?

That's what some Murdoch apologists heard on a BBC Radio 5 Live phone in on Friday night (15th July 2011) were saying. Personally, although I have never been a fan of Mr Murdoch or subscribed to any of his various organs (e.g. Articulated Morrey 11 Sept 2000),  I am still amazed at the depths of depravity they were capable of sinking to.

If those at the top of the organisation knew about this, then the book should be thrown at them.  If they didn't, then they were negligent, and according to the "Ripa" act the book should still be thrown at them.  What are the chances...?