Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New New-Labour

I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the Labour leadership husting on Newsnight last night.  I'm reminded again what a strong team Labour has, at least compared the retreads and odd-balls the Conservatives cobbled into a cabinet.

What a shame that Labour allowed the the election to focus so much on the leader, leaving all this talent hiding in the background.  There are several other credible candidates who are not even in the race, including Alan Johnson, Ivette Cooper, Hilary Benn, and the only-slightly-tainted Peter Hain.

The Labour leadership is still an open race, but I think David Milliband consolidated his position as favourite a little.  He showed an astute political brain, especially in taking the opportunity to attack the Conservatives.  His point about the "game" being played by the ConDems, to blame big government for the state of UK finances, must have rung home with an audience of potential Labour voters.  We shouldn't forget, it was the banks what done it.

Of the others, Ed Balls, despite his reputation, seemed quite human.  Andy Burnham, who I like, is going to have to push himself forward a bit more if he's going to have a chance, and continuing to back the decision on Iraq is not going to win him many favours.

Ed Milliband seems the most sincere of the lot, but I don't think he's going to beat his brother.  Diane Abbot is acquitting herself well, deserves to get her say, and a job if Labour get back into power.  She is the only one with sense/honesty to say we should scrap Trident.