Friday, 7 May 2010

Don't do it Nick, you'll look stupid and get hurt

Observing the attempted seduction of Mr Clegg by Mr Cameron.

As predicted, Cameron is paying lip service to the idea of electoral reform, to try and make it possible for the Lib-Dems to go into coalition with him without looking stupid.  Don't do it Nick, you'll look stupid, and get hurt.

If this were Germany, not the UK, we would be talking about a centre-left coalition of Labour, Lib-Dem, SDLP, Green, and Alliance.  Why can't this be Germany?

Other parties, particularly the Scottish Nationalists (1,.8% of the vote, 0.9% of the seats, so far) also have a common interest in electoral reform, and no love of the Tories.  So, a Queen's Speech to adopt Labour's existing budget, implement electoral reform, and then have another election, would seem to be the answer.

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